Mike Wlochowski is a Little Rhody friend in the Nutmeg Division. We were kindly invited to tour his HO scale Corkscrew and Vineyard Layout before our annual picnic in July 2023. Mike's layout spans through the basement. This layout is designed for operations with many industries and 2 ports. It's fully scenicked and he pays attention to modeling details, including fluffy clouds and airplanes. Photos by DK Paul.

[Click on a photo to enlarge it]

Corkscrew and Vineyard train yard.

Brian Osberg and John Paul

A nice spot to camp.

Fishing under the bridge.

Lumber yard.

Oh, no! The fire trucks didn't get there in time.

The reefers are loading some ice.

A stop for milk.

Sue Osberg, Mike Wlochowski, and Brian Osberg

The Wlochowski Wine shop

A plane that actually flies around and around.

Look closely, this rooftop lobster is made of shells - 2 cowries, an olive, and a scallop.

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