Little Rhody’s TTrak Modular Layout at the Seekonk Library,
2 November 2019

Dave Dekonski, engineer, heads a long freight into his U-shaped end end module.

The modules seen from either end. Left: Beginning with Dave Dekonski’s U-shaped seaside module with working lighthouse. we see at left Tom Emmet’s double-length industrial module; at the right we see modules by Sue Osberg, Justin Maguire, Mike Tylik, and at the end another by Dave. Right: Starting from Dave’s mountain tunnel U-shaped module, we see two superb autumn scenes by Mike Tylick, and Justin’s recreation of the East Providence bank of the Providence River around 1900. On the right we see Steve Erickson's module, and ones by Landow, DK, and Emmett.

Steve Erickson’s module at the Seekonk Library in November 2019.

Left: Dave Dekonski, who took charge of connecting up the power to all modules and fixing poor connections, works with Tom Emmet. Right: Tom and Justin Maguire attach the backgrounds.

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