Little Rhody’s TTrak Modular Layout at the Middletown Library,
18 January 2020

Dave Dekonski, engineer, heads a long freight around the Rhode Island coastline on his U-shaped end module with its working lighthouse. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Little Rhody wanted this event open to the public as a way of introducing model railroading to as many people as possible, and we had great support from our host, the Middletown Library, which helped us by publicizing it widely with the wonderful result that the room was packed with children and their parents. (Rules regarding children’s privacy prevent us from including photographs of the crowd, and George Landow, the photographer, avoided taking pictures with identifiable children and erased those in which children appeared — with single exception of Dave Kiley’s granddaughter, who helped construct and run the Hogwarts Express (see below).

Left: Tom Emmett working on the layout near his warehouse module while Sue Osberg assists with helpful comments. Right: Tom placing one of his structures on his module.

Dave Dekonski’s end module with tunnels and rocky scenery.

Left: A long freight speeds by Steve Erickson’s industrial module. Middle: George Landow’s reconfigured second model many of whose beautifully built structures were donated to Little Rhody. Right: (From left to right) DK’s one-foot module, Dave Dekonsky’s lighthouse, Sue Osberg’s two modules with autumn foliage, and, in the Distance one of George’s modules.

The freight continues past Steve Erickson’s module with its 1950s drive-in theater and watertower, having past DK’s farm, Dave’s seacoast module, and (on the rear track) Sue’s autumnal country landscape with canoeists.

Left: David Kiley and his granddaughter ran the large-scale Hogwarts Express past some of the structures she built. Right: One of the stranger cars on the Hogwarts line.

George Landow’s city module with factories, a passenger station, and stores. George constructed the factory and flats. All the other structures came ready-built via Steve Erickson to whom they had been donated for the club.

Left: Tom Emmett, who leveled and connected all the modules, working next to his warehouse-themed module. Right: Dave Dekonski, who ran the trains and took care of electric problems with the trackage, talks with Brian Osberg.

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