Sue Osberg, Suprintendent, Little Rhody Division of the NMRA, 2017-2020, standing in the main aisle that divides two sides of the Osberg empire. The West Bay & Northern Railroad is set in Rhode Island during the transition from steam to diesel power. Generally builds structures while Brian concentrates chiefly on trackage and bridges. Here Sue build the two structures at the left and Brian did the one at right.

Photographs by George P. Landow and Sue Osberg. Click on images to enlarge them.

Roundhouse Scenes

Scenes at the Harbor

Brian constructed the dock with pilings from maple twigs from a tree in the yard. Sue built the boat rentals structure.

In this scene that shows the West Bay & Northern’s mixture of steam and diesel locomotives, we see Brian’s complex trackwork and Sue’s coaling tower and powerplant (at the far right).

Brian did the track and trestle work in both photos while Sue constructed Baxter Supply from a George Selios Fine Scale Miniatures kit.

Left: The Franklin & South Manchester Tribute Kit 1, Right: Seckler Cold Storage is a Bar Mills background kit.

Left: The building at the center is the FSM Baxter Supply. Right: Most of the structures here in the Old Village were made from Bar Mills kits.

Work in Progress — the Layout Expands into a New Space

Brian did the trackwork on the extension of the layout.

Sue created both the buildings in each photo and the mountains in the background of the second.

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