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The Little Rhody met under a tent at Dave and Emily Kiley’s home in Swansea, Massachusetts. Here Sue Osberg, our good humored Superintendent, chairs the meeting. From left to right around the table: DK, Dave Kiley (Assistant Superintendent), Sue Osberg, Brian Osberg (former Superintendent), Dick Nagle (long-serving Chief Clerk & Secretary), Justin Maguire (Achievement Program Director), Linda Bergemann (Membership Chair), and Tom Emmet. George Landow, Little Rhody webmaster, took the photo. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Left: Our hosts, the Kileys. Emily fed the group with hamburgers, hot dogs, stuffed pasta shells, and others brought deserts and fixins, amobng the most memorable Linda's amazing blueberry pie with six cups of Canadian blueberries, Sue’s Tollhouse cookies, and someone’s icing-topped brownies. Right: Brian and Dick.

Left: Our Superintendent making notes and keeping things in order. Right: Dave Kiley near his garden railroad, which has grown and changed since it was last photographed for the Little Rhody site. Those who attended the meeting had a double treat: the chance to visit not one but two garden railroads, Dave’s and that of a neighbor.

Some views of Dave Kiley’s Swansea, Somerset & Warren Elevated Railway. [Follow for 2017 trackplan and other photos.]

Visiting A Neighbor’s Large Garden Railroad

From left to right: Dave Kiley, DK, Tom Emmet, Mrs X., Linda Bergman, Brian Osberg, our host, who built the railroad, and Justin Maguire.

Left: The fairgrounds with its animated merry-go-round, bumper cars, and other carnival rides. Right: The inlet with boats and lighthouse.