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Picnic on a Porch — Little Rhody’s Annual Picnic at D.K. Thomas’s Home — July 28, 2019

[Photos by Susan Osberg.]

People closest to the camera on the left: George Landow, DK, Jane Wlochowski; on the right: Dick Nagle, Dean Johnson, and David Kiley. In the distance Ruth Landow and Carlene Peters. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Bob Peters, Brian Osberg, Tom Emmett, and (leaning against the railing) Mike Wlochowski, a member of the Nutmeg Division and a Friend of Little Rhody. He and Jane hosted the 2021 picnic in Westerly, RI.

Left: Ruth Landow, Emily Kiley, Carleen Peters, and Jane Wlochowski. Right: Steve Ryder and his wife, Joy.