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Little Rhody Division’s Annual Dinner & Election of Officers — June 2021

At this annual meeting, which took place on the 23rd at Chelo’s in Cranston, it was reported that Little Rhody has 71 members. Tom Emmet received the NMRA Achievement Award for structures. [Photos by Susan Osberg.]

Tom Emmet, Brian Osberg, and Steve Erickson. In the distance at the table behind are Dave and Emily Kiley and Marguerite Tylick and Carlene Peters. [Click on images to enlarge them.]

Left: Bonnie Erickson (Steve’s wife), John Paul, DK Paul, Rich Sebzda (former member LRD). Right: Steve Ryder, Don McCra, John Sweeney (who with his wife, Joanne, had the Thomas the Tank Engine layout).

Marguerite Tylick, Carleen Peters, Mike Tylick MMR, and Bob Peters.