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Setting Up Holiday Trains at Roger Williams Park Botanical Center — November 2023

The Little Rhody Division of the National Model Railroad Association is partnering with the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center to create two model train displays for the holidays.

Displays will be in the first two conservatories in the Botanical Garden at the park. Members of Little Rhody are working to create the layouts and set up the track and trains.

photos by Lola Nagle

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Dave Kiley & Brian Osberg work on electrical connections.

Dave Kiley & Brian Osberg continue work on electrical connections.

Connecting electric to the display.

Tracks around the beautiful tree for the first display. Poinsettias will be placed all around to hide the base.

Work begins on the second display (the Ski Train).
Tom Emmett and Sue Osberg unpack the G-scale track pieces.

Steve Erickson, Tom Emmett, and Sue Osberg set the track up under the tunnel.

The base is done on the second display. It's ready for decorations.

The decorations are in all those boxes. Steve Erickson, Sue Osberg, and Dick Nagle start to unpack everything.

Deciding where everything goes.

Public holiday display at Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, December 2023

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