Clinics and Presentations at Meetings of Little Rhody

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April 6. German Club, Pawtucket. George Landow on adding details to locomotives, rolling stock, and scenery.

April 2010. German Club, Pawtucket. Warren Riccitelli on Railcars.

11 January 2012 , The German American Club, Pawtucket. Andy Small who spoke on “Northern Paddlewheel Steamers”.

January 7, 2015, East Greenwich Methodist Church. Dave Yale on 3D Printing. Round robin discussion of weathering techniques.

February 14, 2015, Somerset Public Library. Visit to Dave Kiley’s indoor G-Scale layout.

September 12, 2015, United Methodist Church, East Greenwich. Show-and-tell followed by clinic on techniques. Justin Maguire will present a clinic on lighting buildings using inexpensive Microlumina miniature LED lights. The Little Rhody Division N-scale T-TRAK group assembled their modules to prepare for the Model Train Show in October.

December 12th, 2015, the Warwick Police Department Community Room, 99 Veterans Memorial Drive, Warwick, RI 02886. S This event concluded with a Holiday Potluck Lunch at Noon.

January 2, 2016, Cardi’s Function room in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Garden Railroading and G scale.

February 6, 2016, East Greenwich Methodist Church. Introduction to NMRA achievement awards.

March 5, 2016, East Greenwich Methodist Church. The Electric Side of Model Railroading: David Dekonski’s Introduction to DC vs, DCC and LCC (layout control systems).

April 2, 2016, Cardi’s Function room in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Fundamentals of Layout Building.

May 7, 2016, East Greenwich Methodist Church. Planning and researching railroads you can model.

June 2016, Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner.

February 2017. “Superdetailing Engines and Cars” with David Dekonski. David discussed super-detailing railroading equipment, both engines and cars, to match prototype railroads. He will also discuss adding basic details to enhance the look of ready-to-run cars. And, for those with damaged rolling stock, David will address adding aftermarket parts to repair broken cars and engines. George Landow will discuss his latest adventure into the pile of usual throw-aways - using spurs to create pilings for a waterfront building. “What to do with all that Junk.” Click here to download.

March 21, 2017. Steve Erickson on Making Paper Buildings. Justin Maguire demonstrated “Hand laying Track” and George Landow discusses British vs. American Railroading: “British Railways compared to American Railroads — “Two nations separated by a common ocean and a common language.” (George Landow) Click here to download.

April 11, 2017.

May 13, 2017. Visit the Providence Northern Railroad Club.

June 14, 2017. Annual Dinner Meeting, Chelo’s, Warwick.

September 2, 2017.

September 15, 2017.

October 3, 2017. West Warwick Library. Finalize Plans for

the Train Show.

November 11, 2017, East Greenwich Methodist Church. New Member Meeting eoth introductions to the basics of model railroading.

December 5, 2017, East Greenwich Methodist Church. Holiday event, gift swap, and potluck lunch.

Saturday, February 3, East Greenwich Methodist Church. “Scenery Landform Construction.” Sue Osberg’s Introduction to creating landscapes covered ground cover, simple rocks, ballast, simple shrubs, trees.She used two styrofoam pieces with rock scenery in various stages of construction and actually did the ground cover, ballast, on one. Click here to download.

April 6, 2018, East Greenwich Methodist Church/ Jack Doyle on “The Old Colony and Newport Railway.”

April 14, 2018, East Greenwich Methodist Church

May 5, 2018, East Greenwich Methodist Church

June, 2018, Annual Dinner Meeting, Emilie’s Family Style Grille. Johnston

July 14 2018, Summer Picnic at Debebie and Stan Ames SJR & R garden railroad.

September 1, 2018, East Greenwich Methodist Church

October 6, 2018, East Greenwich Methodist Church

November 3, 2018 East Greenwich Methodist Church. Andy Reynolds, HUB Division Railfun Coordinator on A Scratchbuilt Dairy Barn from Individual Boards.

December 8, 2018, East Greenwich Methodist Church.In “Documentation for AP Awards.” Tom Emmett discusses ways to ease the daunting task of providing documentation for Achievement program awards. Many time and effort saving tips. Click here to download.

January 5, 2019 East]

February 2, 2019 Warwick Public Library

March 2, 2019

April 6, 2019

May 4, 2019

June 15, 2019 Field Trip

“Stains and Pastels.” Former Little Rhody president Steve Erickson put together this handy guide for a recent Little Rhody meeting. His additive method of applying multiple layers of paint and weathering is unusual and quite effective. Click here to download.

“Decals on Top of Rust and Dust.” Decals made from photographs of old cars in the the Providence yards. (George Landow) Click here to download.

***August 2020. David Kiley's “Swansea, Somerset & Warren Railway”

***September 2020. Michael Tylick. “Mr. Leon's Telegraph Poles

***October 2020. Frank Heppner. “The Seventy Year Train Ride.”

November 2020. Andy Reynolds. “Asphalt Roads Decoded & More.”

***November 2020. Jeffrey Padell. “The Old Colony Model Railroad Club

***November 2020. Jeffrey Padell “The Lehigh Valley Model Railroad.”

***December 2020. Justin Maguire, MMR. “A Visit to My Studio.”

***December 2020. Pandemic Projects

***January 2021. “Providence & Worcester Railroad 2.0

***January 9, 2021. James Upshaw, Certified Locomotive Engineer, “Signals and Road Rules

***February 2021. George Landow. “The On30 vVersion of the Albion, Pawtuxet & Galilee Railroad.”

*** May 2021. Justin Maguire. “European Train Enthusiasts: A Lightweight Approach to Three New Modules

*** May 2021. Justin Maguire. “European Train Enthusiasts: A Lightweight Approach to Three New Modules

*** September 2021. George P. Landow. “”Filling Spaces; or What I did During Coveid and Chemo